We are a new three piece band from Auckland, New Zealand. Our songs are all very original and are designed to get into your conscience to provoke thinking and maybe give you some inspiration. All songs are delivered with passion and most with a driving urgency.

Check us out and come along for the ride. You won’t be disappointed. We have 4 EP’s with 25 songs recorded so far, which is only the tip of an avalanche of highly original songs which we will continue to unleash.

We have been described as a ‘Politically Inspired Punk Pop Protest Band’, and all our songs are written with the intention of bringing attention to the current state of our world, with satire and imagination.

Our Members:

Brian Ladyman – Vocals

Ratthapon Jeff K – Guitar

Anthony Dillon – Drums

We are bringing rock back from the boredom of listening to songs which seem to sound like other songs from a bygone era. So if you want to hear new driving riffs and lyrics you can understand, all covering relevant, sometimes unpleasant, sometimes pisstakes, of current subjects affecting you and the world then have a listen. You won’t be bored anyway.

All our songs are available on all the usual suspects; Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google, Youtube, Amazon, CD Baby, Deezer, Tidal, iheart, and many other dodgy sites, that we had never heard of, selling our music. (We have yet to be paid !!). So we all hope you can have a listen, and get something out of our music. We enjoy making it. Cheers.